My church has several wonderful, fun, learning programs. Last night we were doing personality tests and spiritual gifts tests. Our Church’s manager made a very wonderful point, about how we should also pay attention to our lower numbers, and seek balance within our lives.

I was pretty thrilled that I came out as being creative, caring and wise. I glossed over the part where I sucked at hospitality. I skimmed over hospitality as being important until reading one of my devotionals for today.

I treat my relationship with the Lord, much the same as I do my education. It’s a never ending pursuit, and no matter how far I go, there is still more to learn.(I’m also happier than a pig in cold mud, on a hot summer day) I look forward to my daily devotionals. I get them via email and on my Iphone. I spread them out throughout the day to keep me positively motivated.

However, today I realized that I need to listen to the Lord and work on my hospitality. I don’t invite people over to my house because like most houses with toddlers, it only looks good at night. Sure, I bake awesome homemade bread, I make great meals and yet all these years I’ve brought these items to others who were far more hospitable than myself.


I realized by reading my devotional, although I am hospitable outside of my home. Although my body is a temple, and people do seem to like me (Im told that I am warm and people feel nurtured.) I’m terrible with house guests. I think I am not sending a good message to those that I care for when I dont invite them over to break bread (or tacos!)

Lord, with Your help, I will work through this personality flaw, this vanity, so that I can share Your love with others in my home (my home that looks like a toy store met a hurricane…).



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