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I wish, if it were, that you have come here to seek enlightenment. I have created this site because I have information to share.

I believe that logic and Christianity intersect. I believe that there is room for science and the Bible to mingle. I believe that God loves all people, and that our misunderstandings of culture, of history, cause us to paint the Bible into tones and hues, that it was never meant to convey.

I deeply love God and I am humbled by His Son’s sacrifice on my (and your) behalf. I hurt each time that I see a person hurt or harmed because of someones efforts to force their beliefs upon another.

With that being said, this is a Christian blog. My opinions, the words I write here are my own and by no means intended to harm, obstruct or offend another. However as much as I wish I could transmit hugs and hot cocoa through the internet, technology is not yet equipped to handle that.

You are all welcome here. God, as I know Him, loves everyone.